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Building the Next Great American City


Salt Lake City has the potential to be the next Great American City. Turning that potential into reality will require a unified vision, careful planning, coordination and cooperation between numerous public and private entities.

We will help develop and promote that vision, taking the lead in many of the conversations and development projects that need to happen to ensure that the Salt Lake City of the future fulfills the potential that lies before it.

Impact Projects & Key Concerns

From the Blog

UDOT Rolls Out Zero Emission Snow Plows
Tamara Vaifanua wrote: Thirty snow plows along the Wasatch Front are retrofitted with a new filter. Essentially, as the diesel burns it has particulate matter coming out of the engine. ...
New Regent Street Hotel Planned For Downtown Salt Lake
Deseret News wrote: The new downtown theater district will include a high-rise addition to its growing redevelopment profile. Cushman & Wakefield Commerce announced an agreement to purc...
Utah Must Work to Manage Its Growth
Salt Lake Tribune wrote: The arrival of Utah's 3 millionth resident was celebrated Monday in, of course, a hospital maternity unit. ...Utah, which took 119 years to amass its first mill...

Photo credit: Gateway District by Loozrboy