Deseret News wrote:

In eight short years, Salt Lake City has gone from Great Recession to Great Renaissance and I’ve played my part in our inspiring transformation. We’ve made remarkable progress, and together we can sustain our upward trajectory as one of America’s brightest stars.

Forging partnerships is the only way to make long-lasting improvements in the city we all love. Through community teamwork, we’ve made our city more beautiful, more vibrant, more welcoming and more just.

Energizing our downtown. Every major city has one or two institutions that make an outsized impact. In our city, that’s The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which invested greatly to build City Creek Center. We worked together to shape City Creek plans to best serve the community. Now the city, Salt Lake County, the LDS Church and community and business leaders are cooperating to extend City Creek’s energy further south to complete the new Eccles Theater, build the 111 Main office tower and create Regent Street as a lively, active link between City Creek and the Gallivan Center.

Our new EnterpriseSLC economic development strategy, forged through community outreach, will keep us at the vanguard of economic expansion that lifts all boats in our diverse community.

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