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Tamara Vaifanua wrote:

Thirty snow plows along the Wasatch Front are retrofitted with a new filter.

Essentially, as the diesel burns it has particulate matter coming out of the engine. This filter will catch it and not let it emit out the tailpipe.

What these filters do is they take a truck that UDOT wasn’...
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Deseret News wrote:

The new downtown theater district will include a high-rise addition to its growing redevelopment profile.

Cushman & Wakefield Commerce announced an agreement to purchase the parcel of land formerly occupied by the old Eat-A-Burger restaurant at 45 E. 200 South. Plans are underway to construct a 20-plus story, mixed-use building that wil...
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Salt Lake Tribune wrote:

The arrival of Utah's 3 millionth resident was celebrated Monday in, of course, a hospital maternity unit.

...Utah, which took 119 years to amass its first million inhabitants, is expected to top 4 million in barely another 16 years.

...Another million people by 2031? Where will we put them a...
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Deseret News wrote:

The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City has big plans for the area known as Central Ninth.

A groundbreaking was held Wednesday at a vacant lot at 153 W. 900 South for the new Central Ninth Market, specifically designed for locally owned businesses.

“To the best of my knowledge, this will b...
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Deseret News wrote:

In eight short years, Salt Lake City has gone from Great Recession to Great Renaissance and I’ve played my part in our inspiring transformation. We’ve made remarkable progress, and together we can sustain our upward trajectory as one of America’s brightest stars.

Forging partnerships is the only way to make long-lasting improvement...
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Kiersten Nuñez wrote:

A smoggy skyline takes over the valley during winter inversions, and advocates for cleaner air are calling on the state to pass new rules regarding air quality.

“Utah is in more than a decade of violating national standards for dirty air,” said Matt Pacenza, Executive Director of HEAL Utah.

That's why Pacenz...
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Ben Winslow wrote:

Mayoral candidate Jackie Biskupski is floating the idea of a new bus system to fill in the gaps that aren't covered by UTA.

In an interview with FOX 13 on Monday, Biskupski detailed her proposal that she said would work in tandem with the system already in place by Utah Transit Authority. Biskupsk...
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Mark Green wrote:

In the Rio Grande District, Salt Lake City is facing a balancing act, one that helps both business and the homeless.

It’s a task that hasn’t been easy. In just the last year, the city has ramped up police patrols and established a special commission to come up with a plan.

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Lauren Steinbrecher wrote:

For the first time, the public is now getting to see what the Salt Lake City International Airport will look like after the renovation.

Construction on the nearly decade-long, $1.8 billion project is now underway.

The renderings released Tuesday morning show what it will be like to navigate the three-story terminal and th...
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Deseret News wrote:

The school bus fleet in five districts is about to get less polluting due to a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help shave costs on 15 new buses.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality announced Tuesday it was awarded the money through the EPA's National Clean Diesel Campaign...
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